Gilbert Rios is a contemplative photographer based in New York City and the Hudson Valley. As such, he views everything in the world in a direct and equanimous way. Whether the subject matter is profound or prosaic, what he sees is distilled down to its elements of form — color, line, pattern and shape. The graphic style of Gilbert’s work is informed by his experience as a graphic designer.

Gilbert has shown his photographs at the Tivoli Artists Gallery, Tivoli, NY, and in juried shows at various galleries in the Hudson Valley and Berkshires. In 2019, his series of Germantown streetscapes appeared in “Road to River,” a two-person show at the Tivoli Artists Gallery. Two of his bodies of work, “Barn” and “Color” were inspired by Ellsworth Kelly. In 2015, three bodies of his work appeared in “Dialog,” a two-person show at the Tivoli Artists Gallery. His self-published collection of photographs, Look|See, was exhibited in the Photobook 2015 show at the Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY, and then traveled onto the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA.

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